Which Would You Rather See Reviewed – Lufthansa or SWISS?

I will start out by saying this is definitely a #FirstWorldProblem. I have friends traveling over in Europe right now and I decided last minute that I wanted to go join them. But I have a choice between flying Lufthansa on the 747 or United lie flat domestically + SWISS internationally and I am completely torn as to which to choose. So I figured I would throw it out to you all – which would you rather see reviewed?

It has been kind of a crazy year for me so far. I started out the year thinking life was heading in one direction, only to have it take an abrupt and unexpected 180 degree turn. I guess that is just life, but it has made me extremely thankful to have points at my disposal so I can travel. For some reason, I seem to find my zen when I am traveling at 450 miles per hour in a steel tube that I have exactly zero control over. Which for anyone who knows me and my “type AAA personality” (as someone who knows me well so eloquently put it), that is a rather odd combination. I guess gazing out on the world and watching the sunrise at 40,000 feet just does something to help give me perspective on things.

Sunrise en route to Hong Kong. Honestly one of the best I've ever been able to capture. #lifewelltravelled

Anyways, enough with the personal stuff and on to the real reason you came here to read this blog – the travel! I have two options for my routing that I am currently looking at and honestly, I am having a tough time deciding between the two. Hopefully you all can give me your thoughts on which route to take/review.

The first option is to fly Lufthansa on the 747-400 with their older business class cabin between Orlando (MCO) and Frankfurt (FRA).

LH 2

LH 1

I have previously flown topside on the 747 with Cathay Pacific and spent the entire flight completely avgeeking out.


While I am not the biggest fan of the layout on the Lufthansa 747s, I am a HUGE 747 fan, so the option to fly up top again is extremely appealing to me.

Lufthansa uses The Club lounge at Orlando (MCO) and since Orlando used to be my home airport, I am very familiar with that lounge. To be frank, it is hardly worth reviewing (but I would still review it nonetheless), so that is a downside of this option in my opinion.

The second option is to fly United on their 757-200 with fully lie-flat seats (this is usually used on international routes) between Tampa (TPA) and Newark (EWR).


From there I would then connect on a SWISS A330 to Zurich (ZRH).


I have actually never flown on the United 757-200, nor do I have any Star Alliance reviews on my site, so that is attractive to me in and of itself. I have also heard SWISS is fantastic in business class, though they utilize the same business class seats that American offers on their refurbished 767s.

767 1

Since I am freakishly tall at 6’5″, I do not fit all that well into those seats. With that said, I do think they are slightly better than Lufthansa’s old 747 business class seat.

Another thing to factor in is that the United/SWISS route will allow me to review many more lounges than the Lufthansa route will as the United/SWISS routing sends me through the Star Alliance hub of Newark (EWR). I tend to like to review as many products as possible in a trip, so I am leaning more towards the United/SWISS route right now. My holdup is that I absolutely love the 747 and the chance to fly up top or in the nose (where you are actually seated in front of the pilots!) has my avgeek side completely going crazy.

Final Thoughts

I love the idea of getting to ride up top on the 747 again, but I also would not mind reviewing the United lie flat seats and the famous SWISS service. Decisions, decisions.

So what say you? Which route would you prefer be reviewed?

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