What Products Would YOU Like To See Reviewed?

Now that the comments section snafu has been resolved, I wanted to re-post this post to see what products the readers would like to see reviewed.

I tend to have a pretty strong allegiance to American Airlines and OneWorld carriers as I have elite status with the airline and a disproportionately large amount of points with their airlines, so a lot of my airline reviews are of premium cabins on OneWorld carriers.

Like Cathay Pacific first class, long haul business class and short haul business class (here and here also):

IMG_2539 (2)Cathay Pacific First Class

IMG_3045Cathay Pacific Long Haul Business Class

IMG_2332Cathay Pacific Short Haul Business Class

And Japan Airlines (JAL) first class:

IMG_1744Japan Airlines (JAL) First Class

And LAN Business Class:

LAN 767-2LAN Business Class

I also recently started to branch out a bit from the premium cabin reviews to review economy class cabins on the Japan Airlines (JAL) 787-8 Dreamliner, 777-300ER and 767-300:

IMG_3459Japan Airlines (JAL) 787-8 Economy Class

IMG_3404Japan Airlines (JAL) 777-300ER Economy Class

JL 2Japan Airlines (JAL) 767-300 Economy Class

The same is true of my hotel reviews which tend to be limited to SPG and Hilton properties.

Like the Conrad Centennial Singapore:


The Sheraton Hong Kong Hotel & Towers:


The Reach: A Waldorf Astoria Property in Key West:

Reach 4 (edit)

And the Hilton Lima Miraflores:


I am in the process of starting to plan my next trip and/or mileage run, so if you have a particular airline, route, hotel or lounge that you would like to see a review of, leave a comment in the comments section. The only requirement is that the airline or hotel offer an elite program and have a large footprint (so no low cost carriers). I also have no problem flying economy class if that is what you all would like to see a review of!

Final Thoughts

So what say you blog readers?

What would you like to see reviews of?

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2 thoughts on “What Products Would YOU Like To See Reviewed?

  1. I would be interested to see some Premium Economy reviews. I think this is the next big thing coming to US based carriers, obviously starting with AA. It is probably where most of my self-funded (paid) travel will be purchased, with good opportunities to upgrade to Business. That’s my suggestion.

    1. I would agree with you that it is the next big thing coming to US based carriers. I’m actually on the same page as you with this as I’ve been looking at trying Cathay Pacific (paid) and/or Singapore (paid economy + mileage upgrade to PE) in Premium Economy. I just need to find a route with space that works for my schedule. Thanks for your thoughts and keep ’em coming everyone!

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