Welcome To The Points Jet Setter!

Hello and welcome to The Points Jet Setter! I guess I should probably start by introducing myself and talking a bit about my goals for this blog. I am an attorney by trade, but have been an absolute travel nut and aviation nerd since I was a wee little youngin’. I took my first flight when I was about 6 months old, and as the saying goes, it has been all downhill from there.

You can regularly find me on the weekends or most any holidays traveling around the world. I currently hold American Airlines Platinum status (so I apologize if a lot of my posts to start with are centered on AA) and travel on average about 60-70k miles per year – mostly in premium cabins (I’m 6’5”, so I tell myself it’s for the extra leg room, but some of the premium cabins are seriously fantastic). I am, for all intents and purposes, a travel bum who just can’t get enough of the miles and points game.

I get asked pretty regularly how I am able to afford to travel in premium cabins and stay at luxury hotels as much as I do. The answer is surprisingly simple – points and miles! For example, I recently booked a trip to Tokyo, Hong Kong, Chongqing (for a friend’s wedding) and Singapore for 2 weeks for a little over $400.00 out of pocket. And the trip includes stints in American Airlines new first class on their A321 transcon aircraft, a first class Sky Suite on JAL, riding topside in business class on a 747 (a bucket list item for this aviation nerd), and first class on Cathay Pacific back across the Pacific. I will be reviewing all of these flights after I take them, but the real kicker is that had I paid cash for those flights, it would have cost me nearly $35,000!

So as the title of the site suggests, I’m here to help you live like the jet set, but for a lot less money using points and miles! I always try to do at least two big trips a year and my goal is to provide you with some of my experiences in premium cabins via various trip reports, as well as tips and tricks for obtaining the points and miles you need for these great redemptions at minimal cost. I also offer consulting services if you wanted someone to help plan out a good credit card sign up strategy (for all of those great sign-up bonus miles and points!) for that dream vacation, or if you wanted someone to do the legwork for planning the trip of your dreams. You can check out what my consulting services offer here.

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