There’s A New Airline Alliance In Town – Value Alliance

Well this is certainly interesting news. It appears there is a new airline alliance in town – and it is probably not what you are thinking. Eight of Asia and Australia’s largest low cost carriers have just formed what they are calling the Value Alliance. This is actually pretty big news if you are a frequent traveler on any of these partner airlines.

Earlier this week, eight of Asia and Australia’s largest low cost carriers announced that they would be forming the world’s largest low cost carrier group – the Value Alliance.

VA 4

VA 2

This group consists of Singapore’s Scoot and TigerAir, TigerAir Australia, Cebu Pacific from the Philippines, Thailand’s Nok Air and NokScoot, South Korea’s JeJu Air and Japan’s Vanilla Air.

VA 5

The biggest news though is that with the Value Alliance, travelers will now be able to search one single website for tickets across all eight low cost carriers. That is huge considering some of the online travel agencies do not pull low cost carriers when you search. That means that travelers will now have access to a massive route map reaching 160 destinations throughout Asia and Australia from a single source.

VA 6

Even more exciting for awards junkies is my speculation that the Value Alliance will create their own frequent flyer system. That’s a huge deal because it likely means that we are on the verge of having low cost carrier award tickets being an option throughout Asia and Australia! Now, that is obviously just speculation on my part, but it would seem to be the next logical step for the Value Alliance to take as it would help redirect passengers from rivals AirAsia and Jetstar.

Notably, Asia’s two single largest low cost carriers – AirAsia and Jetstar – are missing from this group. Both AirAsia and Jetstar have larger fleets and more destinations, so it seems pretty clear that this alliance was a move by these eight carriers to take on AirAsia and Jetstar head-on.

Final Thoughts

Although I have never flown on any of these budget airlines, I find this to be very interesting news as it likely means we will see some form of joint or partner frequent flyer program from these airlines in the coming year. That is huge news if you are a lover of low cost carriers and travel in the Asian/Australian region. I also think this opens up the gates for other low cost carriers elsewhere in the world to band together and a form an alliance (I am looking at you European low cost carriers!), which ends up creating the same kind of value for frequent travelers. It will be interesting to see where the Value Alliance goes from here and how they do considering they are in uncharted waters right now.

What is your favorite Asian/Australian low cost carrier?

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