The Comments Section Is Now Up And Running Again!

It appears that the comments section has been down for some time now and I was unaware of it. Thankfully a reader made me aware and now the comments section is up and running again! My apologies for the issue!

I was notified earlier this afternoon by reader Brad P. that the comments sections of each of the posts was not showing anyone’s comments. It looks like one of my security features on the site was unfortunately causing comments made by readers to disappear into never never land. If you have posted up any comments and never received a response, a sincerely apologize for the issue!

Comments 1

Thankfully the issue has now been fully resolved and the comments section is up and running again! If you wanted to repost your comments, I will make sure to respond as quickly as possible. Alternatively, please feel free to e-mail your questions to

As a thank you to reader Brad P. for bringing this major issue to my attention, I have offered him a complimentary consult of his choice from my Award Consulting service. Thanks again Brad!


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6 thoughts on “The Comments Section Is Now Up And Running Again!

  1. Haha. That’s pretty hilarious to me. I’m new-ish to your blog and have read every update you’ve made for a good while now, but had seen zero comments on any post. Several times I’ve wanted to PM you and ask if the comments section was broken, but then I figured it would come across as pretty harsh if you were just like: No, it works. 🙁

    1. In hindsight I probably should have realized something was up earlier on as I have oftentimes had thoughts about the lack of comments on the blog considering the amount of traffic the site has generated over the last few months. But I’m not to terribly tech savvy (as if that wasn’t clear already!) so did not even give it a second thought.

      In any case, always feel free to message me on anything related to the site (redemptions or site issues). I’m always happy to hear from readers – good, bad or indifferent! But hopefully mostly good ::grin::

  2. I recently began reading myself and never noticed this, and it surprised me so much, I just flipped back through several of your archived blog posts. Am I wrong, or have you never received any comments about anything since you started up last year? Laudable grit, man, enough determination to make a mule blush. You must be Irish. Anyway, the cyber censorship does explain one thing — I posted the answer to everything in the comments section a couple weeks ago and nobody ever got back to me.

    1. You would be correct that I have never received a comment about anything since I started up the blog last year. Many of the posts were under the old PHP platform though and then were transferred over when I switched to a WordPress format. Definitely not my finest moment! But unfortunately any comments that were posted to the comments sections were either deleted or I can’t figure out where they went. I’ve reached out to a tech buddy of mine in hopes of being able to recover some or all of them – at which point I will obviously reply to all of them. Definitely a boneheaded move on my part though!

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