Selecting The Best Seats On American’s 767’s

As with any aircraft, there are always going to be some seats that are better than others – even if they are in the same cabin. Here is my guide for selecting the best seats on American Airline’s 767-300’s in business class.

Let’s be honest, you really cannot go wrong with any fully lie-flat business class seat when you travel. With that said, there are always going to be some seats that are better than others on aircraft. This is especially true on aircraft that offer a staggered seating arrangement. After my recent flight in business class on American Airline’s 767-300 (which utilizes a staggered seating arrangement), I thought it would be a good idea to present a guide for picking the best seats.

The refurbished AA 767’s feature 28 fully lie-flat business class seats in a staggered 1-2-1 configuration.

767 J

Due to the staggered nature of the seats, some seats place you physically right next to the aisle, which can be bothersome for those trying to sleep or during boarding.

AA 1

If you are flying with someone you would like to talk to during the flight, any of the middle D or G seats are going to be a good choice. At least one of the D or G seats in every row is right next to the aisle, while one will be cocooned in.

For the middle seats, seats 2G, 3D, 4G, 5D, 6G, 7D and 8G will offer you more privacy as they are cocooned in. Due to the way the seats are designed, those seats will also offer you a large work space area, so if you are looking for a little extra space in the middle seats to spread out your work, definitely select one of these 6 seats.

AA 2

Seats 2D, 3G, 4D, 5G, 6D, 7G and 8D on the other hand will have a slightly limited “desk” area and will also be open on one side to the aisle.

If you are flying solo or just prefer to get window seats, you are best to pick an even-numbered seat. Seats 2A, 2J, 4A, 4J, 6A, 6J, 8A and 8J will all offer more privacy as there is a buffer between the aisle and the seat.

767 1 Edit

These seats also allow you to be closer to the window, so if you like to gaze out the window while traveling, it is much easier to do so from these seats.

The odd-numbered window seats on this aircraft – 3A, 3J, 5A, 5J, 7A and 7J – all have the seat right next to the aisle.

767 11 Edit

For those seats that are open to the aisle, this means that during boarding you are much more likely to get bumped into by boarding passengers or by the carts during meal/drink service. It also means you will be more exposed when you sleep. However, the seats that are open to the aisle are a bit more spacious in terms of sleeping as you will not be as confined as you are in the seats that have a buffer from the aisle. As you can see, the seats that offer a buffer are also a bit restrictive when it comes to space when they are fully reclined.

767 20

767 19

It is also worth noting that for some reason, the cabin light (controlled by the crew) above seat 8J is on the panel for the economy cabin. That means that if the cabin lights are on in the economy cabin, but not in the business cabin, they will be on solely above your seat. This is not something that bothers me personally, but still something to keep in mind if you are sensitive to light while sleeping.

Despite the limited space, I still greatly prefer the buffer seats to any other seats on this aircraft. This is because I rarely sleep on airplanes and I often like the extra space to spread out and work. If you prefer more room to sleep, then definitely select the seats next to the aisle as they will be slightly more spacious for that.

Final Thoughts

Seat selection on aircraft with a staggered seat configuration is something that is very important to the overall experience in my opinion. Hopefully this guide helps you select your ideal seat for your next flight on an American Airlines 767-300!

What is your favorite seat on AA’s 767-300?

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