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Meet my makeshift hotel for 2 nights while on this crazy status run – The Premium Plaza Lounge in Taipei Airport. Since I was flying in around 10 PM and leaving the following morning around 9 AM, and not wanting to wait through the 2 hour customs line and have to re-clear security customs and immigration in the morning, I decided to pop into this 24 hour lounge and hang out for the night.

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Say what you will about this method, but it was actually kind of fun – kind of like camping at the airport. Plus when I got up in the morning, there was someone there to cook me a fresh breakfast with hot coffee (lots and lots of coffee).

There are 2 Premium Plaza Lounges at TPE, and both are located more or less right next to each other. The Lounges are located in Terminal 1 between Zone C and Zone D.

Map 1

There is an elevator and a set of stairs that leads up to the various lounges which are all located down a long corridor. The sign for the lounges is huge and you really cannot miss it!

Lounge 1 (2)

About halfway down the hallway are the two Premium Plaza Lounges. Although I tried to check out both lounges, I was told that Priority Pass members only have access to the Premium Plaza Lounge on the Zone C side. It was a great lounge, so I really did not question it too much – though the Priority Pass App does list both lounges as eligible for entry with a membership. YMMV.

There is a small desk upon entering the lounge where the friendly associates happily checked me in. Just like The More, the Premium Plaza Lounge is a Priority Pass lounge. As I have a Priority Pass membership through my American Express Hilton HHonors Surpass card, my entry was complimentary. Otherwise entry will cost you 1,300 NT (~$40 USD) for 2 hours.

Upon entering the lounge it was clear this was either a brand new lounge or had been recently renovated. It was gorgeous and reminded me of a Cathay Pacific lounge. The first section contained little pods with half desks on them which were actually pretty comfortable for getting some work done.


On either side of the lounge were seating areas with contained a variety of chairs and couches with small tables.


The couches were surprisingly comfortable for sleeping in case you ever need to.


In the center section to the back was a dining area with tables, chairs and benches.



On the wall by the dining area was a large screen television that had soccer on. I grabbed a few beers and kicked back watching a few soccer games while in the lounge and it was a pretty solid setup.


The dining area also contained the buffet, which was quite good. In the evenings there were always a variety of hot dishes including egg rolls, pasta, and curry.


In addition, in the evenings there was a selection of items to make your own salad and pre-made sandwiches.


There was also a menu you could order additional hot dishes from. I tried the laksa one night, which I love, and this one was quite good I thought.


In the morning, there was always a selection of hot dishes like french toast, grilled tomatoes, muffins and croissants.


In addition, there was also a selection of cold items like yogurt and fruit, as well as a small selection of cereals.



As in the evenings, there was also a menu for hot fresh made to order breakfast dishes.


I did not order anything from the breakfast made to order menu, but several people in the lounge did and everything looked very good. I opted instead to grab some yogurt and some french toast while I did some work.


I have to say, I was quite impressed with the food overall in this lounge. It was way better than what I had in The More and actually think it beats the food in the JAL Sakura Lounge at Tokyo Narita.

On the far side of the buffet was a cooler with a small selection of juices, teas and water, along with a coffee machine that made some great coffees.


They also had two red wines on offer along with a Tsing Tao beer tap and a soda fountain.


Lastly, there was a small, yet varied selection of teas next to a really cool water spigot that put out piping hot water or ice cold water with the touch of a button.


The restrooms were located back behind the dining area and were a bit on the small side given the size of the lounge. That said, they were perfectly adequate for the number of people that were in the lounge while I was there.


Unfortunately, there were no showers available at this lounge, but it really was not a deal breaker for me as I had access to the fantastic shower rooms at the JAL Sakura Lounge in Tokyo Narita.

The WiFi in the lounge worked flawlessly and was very quick, although I was one of less than 5 individuals in the lounge when I was using the WiFi. With that said, it did seem fast enough to handle a good number of browsers.

A Word Of Caution On Priority Pass Lounges In Taipei

One thing I would say about Taipei Priority Pass lounges is to make sure you check your credit card account for the card that is tied to your account. On every occasion I was at these lounges, and despite traveling alone, I was charged $27 for a companion being brought into the lounge with me. I have had to fight with American Express over getting these erroneous charges removed and over a month later, the charges still remain.

Final Thoughts

If you have the time to make the journey over to the Premium Plaza Lounge, definitely do so as it was the best out of all of the lounges I visited in Taipei. In fact, it was probably one of the best lounges I have been to all year. While it is not the most conveniently located lounge, it also does not fill up as quickly as The More did and has much better food options.

What is your favorite lounge in Taipei?

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3 thoughts on “Review – The Premium Plaza Lounge – TPE

  1. You weren’t erroneously charged $27 for a guest. You used a Hilton Surpass Priority Pass which does NOT grant complimentary access. Not all Priority Pass Select are created equal. You should never use the one that comes with the Surpass card (I cut mine up the day it arrived). Surpass Priority Pass charges $27 per visit. The one that comes with the Platinum Card has free access for you only. The one that comes with the Sapphire Reserve and Ritz-Carlton has unlimited free entry for you and as many guests as the lounge permits. Pay attention to the fine print lol!!

    1. While you are correct that the new terms and conditions for the HHonors Surpass card state that Amex will no longer cover the $27 charge for admission to the Priority Pass Lounges, anyone who held this card prior to ~5 months ago got grandfathered in under the old terms and conditions which provided that Amex would in fact cover the $27 entry fee for the cardholder. Since the old terms and conditions are no longer available online, I can understand your confusion here. Amex did end up covering this charge after a supervisor reviewed the receipt provided by this lounge and confirmed that my HHonors Surpass still offered the complimentary lounge entry for the cardholder. I have used the card for PP lounge entry repeatedly over this past year (including a few days ago) and Amex has covered the cost every time without issue.

  2. I was hoping you were going to review the plaza premium lounge in terminal 2-A because I have reservations for one of the 10 hotel rooms there. I can’t find many reviews but I know it has two twin beds and it sounds quite comfortable and convenient.

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