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With a great 36 hours on the ground in Taipei behind me, I hopped in an Uber and headed back to the airport to start what would be the first of three 20,000 mile roundtrips to Fort Myers, Florida (RSW). As I was at the airport with plenty of time to spare, I headed to The More Lounge to grab a drink and some food.

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The More Lounge is located just past customs and immigration. Once I cleared customs and immigration, I turned left and looked for this sign:


I took the escalators up and turned right down the first of many long hallways.


From there you kind of zig and zag down long hallways to the very far end of the second level where you will see the entrance to The More Lounge.


As I have a Priority Pass membership through my American Express Hilton HHonors Surpass card, my entry was complimentary. Otherwise entry will cost you 1,100 NT (~$35 USD).

Upon entering the lounge, you are greeted by a small leather couch and waiting area next to the check-in desk.



Across from the check-in desk was the business center which featured an array of Apple computers.


Entering the lounge I found that the seating areas were quite fragmented. There was one small seating area immediately to the left upon entering the seating areas which featured some tables and bar by the window.



The seats along the window offered standard 120V plugs, which I really appreciated as my laptop needed charging.

On the opposite side were 3 separate rooms featuring the names of international cities with varying types of seating.




Some of the rooms featured leather massage chairs that looked like they had seen much much better days. Interestingly, each of the rooms was a vastly different temperature – some were freezing cold, others were warm and humid.

Towards the back, just past the buffet was a small selection of Alice of in Wonderland style seats.


The food selection was varied, but extremely limited. There was a small selection of cereal, cakes and bread.


As well as a selection of miso style soup and congee with various things like fish balls and tofu.



There was also what I was told was a salad bar, but which looked like a selection of condiments more so than a salad bar.


Lastly, there was a steamer drawer filled with various types of bun.


Drinks wise, there was a small selection of self-serve liquor (Stoli vodka, Jim Beam bourbon, Beefeater gin, etc.) and wine, as well as a Tsing Tao beer tap.


Funnily enough, they actually had a sign at the beer tap saying guests were limited to 3 beers total during their stay in the lounge. In practice I saw absolutely no one enforcing this rule, so unless you are a drunken hot mess, I would say you are going to be OK having more.


Next to the beer tap was a self-serve soda machine with your usual selections of sodas.


There was also a cooler filled with various boxed fruit juice drinks, teas and sealed cups of water.


I grabbed a few buns, a piece of cake and a star fruit juice and headed for a seat by the window as the lounge was jam packed and that was the only available seat.


The buns were pretty good, as was the cake. The star fruit drink on the other hand was definitely an acquired taste – and I had no yet acquired that taste. I went back and grabbed a water instead, which started what can only be described as the epic battle of Man vs. Foil Cover where foil cover won the majority of the rounds. The cups of water were ridiculously difficult to get into and I felt like I needed a degree in engineering to figure out how the hell they made a foil top strong enough to withstand the force of jamming a fork into it to open it. Ultimately man won though so take that foil cover!

On the back side by the dining seating area was a small coffee bar as well that featured two coffee machines and a hot water dispenser.


Next to the coffee machines was a small freezer containing serve yourself Haagen-Dazs ice cream.


I ended up having a beer and answering some e-mails for about an hour before it was time to head out to my gate to catch my first economy class international flight in nearly a year. Before departing the lounge, I popped into the restrooms and I have to say, they were disgusting. There was trash everywhere and they were very dirty. This was despite walking past the open cleaning closet in the bathroom when you entered.


This lounge also offers a single shower room, though I would only recommend using it if you were desperate. Otherwise, I think you are better off smelling. I walked in and literally walked right back out and was so disgusted by the mold and overall unclean look to it that I just walked right back out totally forgetting to take a picture.

One really annoying aspect of the lounge is that they make near constant announcements for flights. As soon as one announcement ends, the PA clicks off, then back on again for another announcement. If this is something that will bother you, I would strongly recommend that you seek out the Premium Plaza lounge as the announcements were not as frequent in this lounge.

A Word Of Caution On Priority Pass Lounges In Taipei

One thing I would say about Taipei Priority Pass lounges is to make sure you check your credit card account for the card that is tied to your account. On every occasion I was at these lounges, and despite traveling alone, I was charged $27 for a companion being brought into the lounge with me. I have had to fight with American Express over getting these erroneous charges removed and over a month later, the charges still remain.

Final Thoughts

If you have the time to make the journey over to the Premium Plaza Lounge, definitely do that over this lounge. While it is centrally located, it also fills up much quicker, has limited food options and was just generally a mediocre experience.

What is your favorite lounge in Taipei?

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