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Singapore’s Changi Airport offers a few lounge options for OneWorld elite members. Since one of my goals for this trip was to review products that have not been reviewed by very many before, we got to Changi Airport several hours before our flight so we could lounge hop. We started with the Qantas – and we never should have left!

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The Conrad was kind enough to extend our check-out until 5 PM, after which time we headed over to a local bar for a quick beer before heading to the airport. Since our flight to Hong Kong was not until 1:15 AM, we decided it might fun to lounge hop between all of the OneWorld lounges we would have access to at Changi Airport.

We arrived at the airport around 7 PM and were quickly checked in at the Cathay Pacific desk. Cathay Pacific does not have their own lounge at Changi Airport, so they utilize the Dnata Contract Lounge (which I will review later). I had heard not so great things about the Dnata Contract Lounge, so we headed first for the Qantas Lounge.

After clearing customs and immigration, we turned left and headed towards the escalators which would take us to the second floor where the Qantas Lounge is located. Once we reached the top of the escalator, we turned left. The sign for the Qantas Lounge is pretty much dead ahead of you, though it can be a bit difficult to see from a distance.


Since both myself and my girlfriend are OneWorld Sapphire’s, we would have had access to the Qantas Lounge regardless of which class of service we were traveling. Since we also happened to be on a first class ticket (business class for the SIN-HKG segment), we were granted access to the Qantas Lounge.

After clearing the front desk, you are greeted by an incredibly spacious and chic space. There is a long bar immediately to the right which is stocked with anything you could want.


To the left was the start of multiple large seating areas.





As you can see, there is a very large variety of seating in the lounge. Since there are only a few Qantas flights a day to Australia, the lounge was pretty empty for most of our time there.

In one of the back corners was a quiet area that featured some comfortable chairs and a flat panel television (which I think kind of defeats the purpose of a “quiet area,” doesn’t it?).


We opted for some seats in the nearly empty back room.


Each table featured a universal power plug and a USB power plug – both essentials in a lounge in my opinion.


The back room also features its own separate bar area that had a small selection of wine, champagne, juice, sodas, beer and coffee.







They also had a small selection of cookies – a frosted sugar cookie and some chewy cookie with a pineapple filling.


The pineapple biscuits were ridiculously good.


After about a dozen pineapple biscuits, I got up to explore the lounge a bit more. What I had not realized was that there was a whole separate dining area in the lounge, which was huge. The dining area featured tables and chairs, as well as a noodle bar – both of which were completely full (now I know where everyone was!). In addition to the on-demand ordering at the noodle bar, there was also a food spread at the buffet, which was quite impressive.

There were hot dishes include tomato bisque soup, pasta, a rice dish as well as a curry dish.



There was also a large bread selection which included multigrain, baguettes and a few other types.


There was also a selection of cold dishes which included pasta and potato salad.



They also had a variety of fresh vegetables and salads which were replenished regualrly.


Last, but certainly not least, they had a nice selection of desserts, sweets and fruit.


Although I did not partake in any of the food as I was not very hungry, it all looked very fresh. Not to mention the number of people in the dining area tells me that Qantas was putting on their A game in the lounge food department.

After grabbing a drink, I wandered back to the restrooms to take a look. Oddly, the hallway walking back to restrooms only looked half finished. I think it was by design, but it did not look very good. The bathrooms on the other hand were incredibly clean and quite nice.



After grabbing some drinks, I pulled out my laptop to do some work and utilize the lounge’s WiFi, which was quite fast. I do have to say I think the WiFi speed was fast because there was hardly anyone else in the lounge at that time. I did a few hours of work and we decided to head over to the British Airways Lounge next door. In hindsight, we probably should have stayed at the Qantas Lounge, but I will let the review speak for itself on that point.

Final Thoughts

The Qantas Lounge was easily my favorite lounge out of the three that we visited at Changi Airport. If you are a OneWorld Sapphire or Emerald or are traveling on a business or first class ticket, it is definitely worth checking out. I would even dare say it is worthwhile getting to the airport a few minutes early for!

What is your favorite lounge at Singapore’s Changi Airport?

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