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Hong Kong International Airport is an airport that is rich in lounge options, including my personal favorite, The Pier First Class lounge. I had about 4 hours to kill before my flight to Taipei, so I decided to do a full on press and hit every Cathay Pacific lounge in HKG, starting with the Dragon Air G16 Lounge.

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Since I was flying on a business class ticket, I had access to any of the OneWorld lounges at HKG – and there are plenty of them! It is also worth noting that if you are a OneWorld Sapphire or Emerald, you have access to this lounge regardless of what class of ticket you are traveling on.

The G16 Lounge is a lounge that I wanted to check out during my last trip through Southeast Asia, but was unable to due to getting held up in long security and immigration queues. The G16 Lounge is not well regarded by travelers through HKG airport, so I went into this with exceedingly low expectations. With that said, I always like to experience things for myself – good, bad or indifferent – and decided it was worth a quick stop in to review.

The G16 Lounge is in what I consider to be the quieter part of HKG. Once you clear security and immigration, you would make a right to head towards gates 15-19. The G16 Lounge is located, unsurprisingly, just outside of gate 16. Just follow the signs for the lounge as you follow the moving walkways and you will see the escalators that will take you upstairs on your right.


Take the escalators up to the second floor.


At the top of the escalators you will be dropped off in a large atrium-like area and will see the drab and boring entrance to the G16 Lounge immediately in front of you.


There is a reception desk to the left with some absolutely delightful agents once you walk into the lounge. I simply presented my boarding pass which included my OneWorld elite status on it and was granted access to the lounge.

Walking in it was immediately clear why the reviews have always been less than stellar for this lounge as it is underwhelming. It was nearly deserted (which was nice) with stained carpets, though the seats looked somewhat new and were less worn out than those at The Wing First Class Lounge. With that said, the overall feel was more so that of a Priority Pass contract lounge that was built in the 90’s than of a lounge owned and managed by Cathay Pacific. Granted, Dragon Air is Cathay Pacific’s lower cost subsidiary, but the contrast between the G16 Lounge and Cathay Pacific’s other lounges at HKG is stunning.

There were multiple seating areas to the left and straight ahead as soon as you walked in.



The G16 Lounge is an open air lounge much like The Wing and overlooks the terminal gates. To the far left was a large array of seating overlooking the terminal gates.



There was also a small business center area that overlooked the gates with a few computer terminals and a printer.


In the middle of the main seating area was an alcove with a selection of complimentary magazines, as well as a screen which listed the various departing flights.


To the right from where you walk in was a bar featuring a small selection of self-serve liquor, wine and snacks including some pastries and finger sandwiches.



To the right of that was a cooler that featured a selection of beer, soft drinks, juices, water and white wine.


There was also a standard coffee machine which made various coffee drinks and espresso based drinks, as well as a small selection of teas.


Around the corner was a window where you could order food from a small menu. The menu read as follows:


Continuing on there was a selection of pre-made dishes in bowls with lids that could be reheated. None of them looked particularly appetizing and although there were only a few people in the lounge, I did not see a single person with any of these dishes.




There was also a pork and mushroom soup on offer, which smelled quite good, though I did not try any.


Next to these dishes and the ordering window was a small selection of condiments, some fresh fruit and some fruit cups.


Capping off the buffet area was another cooler with a selection of beer, soft drinks and water.


The G16 Lounge was peaceful and quiet and would be a great place to do some work if you do not handle noise or crowds well. Since I had just stopped by to review the lounge, I grabbed a bottle of water and downed it pretty quickly before grabbing my bag and continuing the Hong Kong lounge extravaganza!

Final Thoughts

I had limited hopes for the G16 Lounge being very good after reading numerous reports and reviews on FlyerTalk, but I just had to check it out for myself. There are so many good lounge options in Hong Kong Airport that you are better off going with literally any of the Cathay Pacific lounges over this one. The exception may be if you just need a quiet space to grab a drink and get some work done before a flight that departs from a gate near gate 16.

What is your favorite lounge at HKG?

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