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Our third and final stop during our Changi Airport lounge hopping was the Dnata Contract Lounge which Cathay Pacific utilizes at Changi Airport. The Dnata Lounge is on the opposite end of the International Terminal from where the Qantas and British Airways Lounges were, so it was about an 8 minute walk to disappointment.

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The Dnata Lounge is located on the opposite end of the International Terminal from where the Qantas and British Airways Lounges are located, so after clearing customs and immigration, you would turn right and walk a ways. You will see a sign for the lounge just before the end of the major shops which directs you up the escalators. After exiting the escalators we turned right and headed for the back corner where the Dnata Lounge is located.

Upon entering the lounge, we presented our boarding passes and were granted admission. It is worth noting two things: 1) This is a Priority Pass Lounge so your Priority Pass membership from any number of credit cards will earn you access to this lounge; and 2) In addition to Priority Pass members, this is also the official business and first class lounge for Cathay Pacific, Air France, KLM, Air Mauritius, Delta, Bangkok Airways, Air China and Finnair. With these two things in mind, the lounge was PACKED.


After entering and turning to the right, there was a large seating room area with most every seat taken. It was also pretty hot in the lounge by the time we got there. We found 2 seats and then I started to explore a bit. Towards the back of the lounge was a small seating area and a self-serve bar featuring a few drinks and a coffee machine.



If you make a left after entering the lounge, you will find a self-serve bar with a decent, albeit limited selection of alcohol.


To the left of that was a monkey face (we were there right before Chinese New Year and it is the year of the monkey) made out of coffee beans which was quite cool!


Next to the coffee bean monkey was a coffee machine which made very weak coffee. Next to that was a cooler full of various sodas, juices, teas and waters and then a soda machine.


Continuing on there was a small buffet area that featured some chicken satay skewers with a peanut dipping sauce, a pasta dish and a steamed vegetable dish.




They also had a small (tiny is probably a better word) salad bar, though it was pretty picked over and never replenished.


I had a chicken satay, which was dry and a bit chewy, though the peanut sauce was tasty. My girlfriend tried the pasta and said it was just pasta, nothing special, though not terribly flavorful. If you are looking for food, definitely grab something before coming to this lounge.

This was probably the least peaceful airport lounge I have ever been to. There were numerous kids in this lounge with parents who refused to control them so there were kids running around and yelling and screaming pretty much everywhere. It seemed like everyone in the lounge also wanted everyone else in the lounge to know how important they were by putting their sound on their phone to max so whenever a text message, e-mail or phone call came in, everyone would know it was theirs. After about 30 minutes in the lounge I opted to go wander the airport rather than subject myself to anymore of the Dnata Contract Lounge.

Final Thoughts

The Dnata Contract Lounge was easily the worst lounge we experienced at Singapore’s Changi Airport. If you happen to be at the airport early and are on a OneWorld carrier flight in business or first class or hold OneWorld Sapphire or Emerald status, then go visit the Qantas Lounge instead. Even the mediocre British Airways Lounge is a better choice than the Dnata Contract Lounge. I certainly would not go out of my way to visit this lounge.

What is your favorite lounge at Singapore’s Changi Airport?

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