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After a brief stay at The Bridge, my lounge extravaganza continued with a lounge I had yet to visit at Hong Kong Airport – the Cathay Pacific The Cabin Lounge. The Cabin was easily the best business class lounge I have been to at HKG Airport!

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Since I was flying on a business class ticket, I had access to any of the OneWorld lounges at HKG – including The Cabin Lounge. It is also worth noting that if you are a OneWorld Sapphire or Emerald, you have access to this lounge regardless of what class of ticket you are traveling on.

The Cabin is located pretty much in the middle of Terminal 1 between gates 25 and 27.

CX Map

When you reach the middle of the main Terminal 1 corridor, you will see a small sign for The Cabin between the two gates.


You can either take an elevator down to the lounge, or follow the stairs down.


I opted to take the elevator as I had my roller bag with me. Upon exiting the elevator I turned left to the welcome desk where I was greeted by a Cathay Pacific representative and welcomed to the lounge. The entry area is incredibly chic with white marble on the floors, gorgeous wood paneling on the walls and a mirror like surface on the ceiling that really gave the lounge an open feeling.


The Cabin has an entire wall that overlooks the tarmac and the views, even at night, were awesome!


I turned left after entering the Lounge and followed the red carpet down the long corridor.


The first area to my left was a small seating area near the buffet which had your standard dining tables and chairs.


Continuing on there were two more seating areas that featured individual pods with a small desk built in for getting work done. I tried the seats out and they seemed decently comfortable for lounging, though I did not think they were especially comfortable for getting work done on a laptop.


Along the wall which overlooked the tarmac were small tables with 2 comfortable swivel chairs.


Being someone who loves to watch the tarmac, I opted for one of these seats overlooking an Emirates A380 (man are those things massive!).

Along the back walls of the lounge were several other seating areas that featured rather comfortable couches.


There were also your standard padded seats in various parts of these two seating areas. I never quite understood why Cathay Pacific opted to go for a light colored leather for their seats. They look (and feel) worn and dirty more so than any of the other seating surface options in the Lounge.


Continuing along the back wall back towards the entry, there was a very nice white marble bar just past the traditional selection of magazines.


The bar featured alcoholic drinks, a coffee bar, as well as a fresh juice bar!


If you did not see something you liked, they even had a specialty menu that you could order from.


It is often difficult to eat/drink healthy while traveling, so I really love this option on offer at The Cabin. I thought the Lounge was great as a whole, but I would come back fro the juice bar alone as the Forest Berry Smoothie was excellent!

The restrooms were located just off the bar area and followed the design theme of the Lounge.


While the restrooms were clean, the off-white marble coloring made the restroom feel a bit dirty for some reason. I think the off-white color was just playing tricks and making it appear unclean.

Past the bar was the buffet area which offered a decent enough selection of food and drink. There was a selection of cold dishes included fruit salad, regular salad, pasta salad, small dessert cakes, sliced deli meats and a small selection of cheeses.



There was also a nice variety of hot dish options like cream of mushroom soup, sauteed broccoli with garlic and fried rice. Above the hot dishes were a selection of whole fruit, packaged cookies and wrapped sandwiches.




Although the food spread was not as large as the spread at The Bridge, there was still a perfectly nice variety. I was not especially hungry, but tried a Thai tuna sandwich which was surprisingly tasty.

The buffet area also offered a cooler with a variety of soft drinks, juices, water and beers.


As well as the usual coffee machine which made espressos and espresso based drinks.


The pastries next to the coffee machine included an apple tart which was absolutely awesome. I don’t know who does dessert catering for Cathay Pacific, but I need more of their deliciousness in my life!

It was about 9:30 PM local time when I was at the Lounge and it was nearly completely empty the entire time I was there. I want to say I was one of maybe 8 passengers in the Lounge the entire time. The staff looked a bit bored as a result, but were super helpful when you approached them to ask for anything.

I grabbed a Carlsberg (or 3) as I waited and answered some e-mails while watching the Emirates A380 load up and depart.


Before I knew it it was time to make the short walk to my gate to catch my flight to Taipei.

Final Thoughts

The Cabin was a great lounge overall and is probably my favorite business class lounge at HKG. I particularly like the the tarmac views and the fresh juice bar, so if having a drink (healthy or alcoholic!) with an awesome view is what you look for in a lounge, definitely check out The Cabin next time you are in HKG! Even if that is not your thing, The Cabin is worth a stop at as it is one of the best airport lounges I have been to anywhere in the world.

What is your favorite lounge at HKG?

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