Review – Cathay Pacific The Bridge Lounge – HKG

After the disappointing Dragon Air G16 Lounge, the HKG lounge extravaganza continued with aptly named The Bridge Lounge. Thankfully, The Bridge is run by Cathay Pacific and holds up Cathay Pacific’s reputation for offering both an exceptional product and excellent service.

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Since I was flying on a business class ticket, I had access to any of the OneWorld lounges at HKG – including The Bridge Lounge. It is also worth noting that if you are a OneWorld Sapphire or Emerald, you have access to this lounge regardless of what class of ticket you are traveling on.

I will apologize for the picture quality right off the bat. I was using my iPhone and the combination of dim lighting and shiny surfaces that reflected everything, some of the pictures came out a bit blurry.

The Bridge is located at the far end of Terminal 1 at the Y between gates 40-50 and 61-70.

CX Map

When you reach the Y at the end of the main Terminal 1 corridor, you will be greeted by the massive sign for The Bridge.


From there I took the escalators downstairs where I greeted by the lounge’s customer service desk.


After quickly checking in, I was directed to the right to enter the lounge. The lounge is quite nondescript from the outside with just an art piece shaped like the Cathay Pacific logo outside the entrance.


Upon entering the lounge, there are numerous sectioned off seating areas that feature a variety of couches and chairs.


The lounge was quite full when I entered, so I proceeded towards the back of the lounge looking for a seat. In the back room I finally found a seat at swivel chair with a nice table.


Across from the back room was the Long Bar which feature an awesome tarmac view and was packed. The picture came out too blurry to post, so I grabbed this from the Cathay Pacific website so you could get an idea of what the bar looks like and why I say the view was awesome!

The Bridge_05

At the far end of the Long Bar was a small selection of snacks.



The Bridge also features a great restaurant area with a huge selection of food and a various selection of seating.


One thing I really like about Cathay Pacific lounges is the pure variety of food selections they offer. The Bridge was no exception to this. There was a wide variety of soups on offer.



Along with some various hot dishes like curry chicken, dumplings and pasta dishes.



Next to the hot dishes were a selection of pizzas and quesadillas with various toppings. The pizzas and quesadillas looked less than appetizing and pretty dried out, but they could not turn these out fast enough as people were devouring them! I tried a slice and a piece of quesadilla and did not see what the fuss was about as it tasted like college to me, but I am guessing neither of these items are as popular in Asia as they are here in the States, so this was probably quite the treat.


There was also a salad bar with a variety of lettuce and pasta salad options – all of which were fresh and crisp which is not something you can say about most airport lounge salad bars!


At the far end of the buffet was a selection of pastries and desserts along with some fresh fruit and juices.



The dining area also featured a cooler with a selection of beer, soft drinks and bottled water, as well as chilled glasses for the beer. There is very little in this world that I appreciate more than a chilled glass for my beer!


The dining area also featured a very cool soda machine. You would tap the white bars and they would list the sodas you could choose from. I was not able to get a very good picture of the machine, but if you see this odd contraption, you will know what it is for! Next to that was a coffee and espresso machine as well.


I ended up grabbing a bottle of water and connecting to the WiFi to answer a few e-mails before I left to continue my lounge hopping extravaganza at HKG. I really wish there had been space at the Long Bar because I would have loved to spend some time there with a beer watching the tarmac (a favorite pastime of mine lately).

Final Thoughts

The Bridge was a great lounge overall and has a similar feel to the other Cathay Pacific lounges at HKG. I particularly like the Long Bar and the tarmac views at The Bridge, so if having a drink with an awesome view is what you look for in a lounge, definitely check out The Bridge next time you are in HKG! Even if that is not your thing, The Bridge is worth a stop at as it is one of the best airport lounges I have been to anywhere in the world.

What is your favorite lounge at HKG?

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