Review – Cathay Pacific First Class Lounge The Pier – HKG

I have experienced a lot of airline lounges over the years and until I visited The Pier First Class Lounge in Hong Kong, the best Lounge I had ever visited was the Cathay Pacific Lounge at Tokyo-Haneda. The Pier blew it out of the water though!

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We arrived in Hong Kong just before 5 AM and went straight to the transit desk to get our boarding passes for the Hong Kong to Chicago flight. After clearing security, we were off to find a lounge to grab a shower and some breakfast in. Since we were flying First Class, we had access to all of Cathay Pacific’s Lounges at Hong Kong Airport.

CX Map

We had checked out The Wing business class lounge on our way to Singapore, and I was not super impressed, so I opted to try The Pier. I opted for this lounge as it was the furthest away and I knew they offered showers. After clearing security, it was about a 10-12 minute walk at a brisk pace to get to it. You can take a tram if you want (and I would recommend), though the tram was not running while we were there due to the early time. It is also worth noting that the tram only goes in one direction, so while you can ride it heading towards gates 40-70, you have to walk back if you are departing from one of the lower numbered gates.

The Pier is pretty easy to miss and is located between gates 65 and 66. On your left hand side you will see a small sign for The Pier.


There is also a clear glass elevator with a sign above it advertising The Pier.


We took the elevator down and then turned left to enter the lounge. Waiting at the reception desk were three Cathay Pacific receptionists who scanned our boarding passes and welcomed us to the lounge. Upon walking into the lounge you immediately hit by just how gorgeous the lounge is with marble walls and natural hard wood finishes and tables throughout.



I really wanted to grab a shower before breakfast, so we turned right to the head to the shower room desk. Since we had arrived about 15 minutes after The Pier opened, we were about the only people in the lounge at that time. We were directed immediately towards the shower rooms. I counted approximately 14-18 shower rooms in the hallway, so there are a good number of them. Upon entering the shower rooms there is a bench to the left where you can place your suitcase, a toilet to the right, a full sink with amenities straight ahead and the shower itself to the right of the sink.




The shower itself featured both a removable showerhead and a waterfall showerhead.


I will note that the shower rooms were absolutely immaculate when we got into them. Now, we were the first people to use these shower rooms on this particular day, so I cannot speak to whether this is true later in the day, I was impressed by how clean the shower room was.

There are pump bottles of body wash, shampoo and conditioner in the showers, though I usually grab the mini bottles of these items from the hotels when I know I will be using an airport shower room. There were also lotions and soaps along with some basic amenities like a comb and a dental set on the bathroom vanity. The products on offer were all Aesop.


One other thing I will note is that there is not great ventilation in the shower rooms, so if you are used to taking a very hot shower, expect the room to be hot while you are getting ready.

After a quick and refreshing shower, I headed out for the restaurant to order breakfast. The restaurant is on the far right side of the lounge and had filled up with half a dozen people by the time I got done with my shower. I forgot to take a picture, but the dining area featured your standard seats and booth style seats.

CX 2

The views of the tarmac were pretty great (well, for an aviation nerd like me anyways) during the sunrise.


The menu (which I also forgot to get a picture of) featured a wide selection of made to order dishes which included both Western and Asian style dishes. I opted for the eggs benedict, a coffee and an amaretto and orange juice. The eggs benedict came out beautifully plated and presented on a white individual tablecloth.


The poached egg was a bit overdone for my tastes (I like my egg yolk runny), but the dish was still excellent. Most everyone around us had opted for the noodle dish and seemed to be enjoying it quite a bit. I will note that my drinks sat empty for long periods of time and even though a server would come around, they never proactively offered a refill of either drink. I found this to be a bit strange.

After a delicious breakfast, we headed for the lounge’s seating area to grab a seat. There are several seating areas in the Pier, all of which are to the left when you first walk into the lounge. There is a medium colored wood walkway which contained a large selection of reading materials in various languages as well as a seating section across from it.



After you clear the hallway you are let out into a medium sized seating area that overlooks the tarmac. There was a variety of different seating options including leather chairs and couches. There were also small wheeled carts throughout that offered a selection of snacks like nuts and snack mixes.

CX 3

Continuing to the left was a separate room that offered another variety of seating. For some reason, this room seemed to be freezing cold, while the rest of the lounge was very comfortable temperature wise.



This area also contained the lounge’s bar, which was completely empty.


After grabbing a drink at the bar, I started to wander the lounge a bit more. Just off the room where the bar was located, there was a small room that contained a buffet containing fruit, breads, pastries and other small nibbles.





There was also a cooler which offered a selection of beer, soft drinks, water, juices, teas and prepackaged items like fruit, lox and yogurt parfaits.


I grabbed some fruit and a pastry just to try them and both were delicious and very fresh.

The buffet room also featured an espresso machine that offered a selection of coffee drinks.



And last, but certainly not least, there was Cathay Pacific’s signature draft beer machine which tilts the glass for you for the perfect pour.


The Pier also offers a business center which features 6 Mac computers in their own individual cubicles.


The business center was empty, though most people were on their laptops in the lounge.

The bathrooms were located back towards the dining area and were impeccably clean the entire time I was in the lounge.


The individual stalls each offer their own sink which I thought was a nice touch.


The one thing I did not like about the bathrooms was that the stalls did not contain any way to tell if there was anyone in them and all of the doors were always closed. As a result, if you were in one of the first few stalls, you were constantly jolted by someone trying to open the locked door. It is a little thing, but it was also very annoying.

By the time I got back to our seating by the window, my girlfriend was completely passed out, so I took the time to get some work done on my laptop. There was a Chinese couple on the far end of the seating area that was using Facetime to talk to either their children or grandchildren and they could not have been louder. They made multiple Facetime calls, which was very annoying in the otherwise peaceful lounge. There were maybe 10 people in this area of the lounge and everyone took turns giving them the evil eye for being so loud, though they seemed completely oblivious to it.

Thanks to the Chinese couple ruining the tranquility of the lounge, we moved to the room with the bar in it. The tarmac views were better from this room, but the windows were very dirty which ruined it a bit for me. They had some serious Motown jams playing though and being someone who was born and raised in the Detroit area, I really enjoyed the music.

After getting a few hours of work done, we decided to hop over to The Wing First Class Lounge as it was right next to our departure gate.

Final Thoughts

Honestly, this was easily the best airport lounge I have ever been to. The food was excellent, the lounge was gorgeous and the staff was friendly. I would highly recommend The Pier over any of the other first class lounges at Hong Kong Airport as it is just exceptional. It is well worth the trek across the terminal for in my opinion!

For those of you who have visited The Pier First Class Lounge, what was your impression?

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