Review – British Airways Lounge – SIN

Our second stop during our Changi Airport lounge hopping was the British Airways Lounge, which was just a short walk from the Qantas Lounge.

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The British Airways Lounge is located in the same area as the Qantas Lounge is. That means that after clearing customs and immigration, we turned left and headed towards the escalators which would take us to the second floor where the British Airways Lounge is located. Once we reached the top of the escalator, we turned left and could see the chic entryway for the British Airways Lounge.


There was a sign outside the lounge which informed you that the lounge was open to First, Club World (business), Executive Club and OneWorld Sapphire and Emeralds. Sorry for the reflection of my tall goofy self in the picture!


Upon entering the lounge, you are greeted by a podium where the agent scanned our boarding passes and advised us that they would not be calling for our flight. I thought it was nice that they mentioned this to us, even though I would not have expected them to call for a Cathay Pacific flight in the British Airways Lounge.

Once we cleared the podium, it was clear that we had made the wrong choice by leaving the Qantas Lounge. The British Airways Lounge was borderline hot (it was definitely warm) and was packed. We walked around trying to find 2 seats together and only found a single set of seats together in the whole lounge.

While walking around trying to take pictures of the seating areas, I was actually asked by the lounge staff to stop and delete any photographs that include patrons. While I found that a bit unusual, I can also respect it, so I opted to include some stock photos for some of my review here so you can get a feel for the look of the lounge.

Upon walking into the lounge, there is a seating area to the left which features some couches and some high backed chairs. People were spread out sleeping on every couch in this area while we were in the lounge.

BA 6

BA 2

Past the couches and chairs is a bar and food area to the right.

BA 1

And a hightop counter seating area to the left. The light fixtures were quite cool in this area and each seat at the hightop seating area had its own international power plug, which was nice.


Walking further into the lounge, there was a bevy of additional seating areas in different forms of chairs. Each chair had an internationally configured power outlet next to it so at least there was no battling for outlets!

BA 5

BA 3

BA 10

After finding seats, I kind of sat back and took in the vibe of the lounge for a quick minute. It was hot and it was very stuffy feeling. No one was really talking and no one looked especially happy or was smiling in the lounge. Overall the vibe was a bit stiff and weird. I found that the vibe mirrored the seats in the lounge as they too were a bit stiff and uncomfortable.

Having gotten over the initial feelings of “I should have stayed at the Qantas Lounge,” I got up to check out the food and drink spread. The bar featured your standard spread along with a coffee machine and a large selection of teas and cookies.



The food spread was a bit sad though. There was a pasta and a rice dish along with some luke warm chicken satay with a peanut dipping sauce.


A small selection of stuffed scones and a chicken pot pie type biscuit (though the scones were hard as a rock).


A small selection of salad with finger sandwiches, cold cuts, some fruit and some cheese.


And lastly a small selection of crackers, nuts and two small desserts.


I tried a smoked salmon and cream cheese finger sandwich and it was clear it had been out all day. I left the rest of it after one bite.

After trying the finger sandwich, I went around the lounge to explore a bit more. It is worth noting that this lounge does offer showers, though the wait time was over 2 hours when we were in the lounge. There is also a separate area for First Class passengers called the Concorde Bar. It is a small champagne bar with some chic seating. It was full when we were there and they would not let me in even to take a look around, so it is worth noting if you are flying on a First Class ticket and wanted to experience the Concorde Bar that you should get there early (or not?). Here are some stock photos of the Concorde Bar.

BA 7

BA 8

BA 9

I also checked out the restrooms which were nice enough, though a bit on the messy side. The lounge was jam packed so I cannot really fault them for this.



After a quick drink I had my fill of the British Airways Lounge and we decided to head out to check out some of the stores in Changi Airport. I despise shopping so it is really saying something when I willingly agree to leave a lounge where there is free booze for shopping.

Final Thoughts

The British Airways Lounge was honestly pretty stuffy. If you happen to be at the airport earlier in the day when there are fewer British Airways flights departing, I think this particular lounge might be a bit better. But overall the food was mediocre at best. If you are a OneWorld Sapphire or Emerald or are traveling on a business or first class ticket, it is a decent enough lounge to visit, though I would not go out of my way to visit this lounge. If you have a choice, definitely go for the Qantas Lounge!

What is your favorite lounge at Singapore’s Changi Airport?

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