Review – British Airways Galleries Lounge – Terminal 3 LHR

Coming off of what I can only describe as a mediocre at best flight on British Airways, I headed for Terminal 3 where my American Airlines flight to Dallas (DFW) would be departing from. Terminal 3 at London-Heathrow (LHR) has several lounges to choose from and I decided to check out several of them as I had an about 3 hour layover. I started off with the British Airways Galleries Lounge, though after my experience with the Galleries Lounge in Singapore (SIN), I did not have high hopes for this one.

As I mentioned before, I opted to redeem American Airlines miles for my return trip, mainly because I have a lot of them and because I was able to find a routing through London with low taxes and fees that allowed me to review the flagship American Airlines 777-300ER. For this redemption, I redeemed 57,500 AAdvantage miles for a business class ticket. The taxes and fees were somewhat reasonable at ~$176 and were high due to multiple European connections (so I could review more products) and flying through London. As a result of my business class ticket, I had complimentary access to the British Airways Galleries Lounge, though I also would have had access to this lounge on account of my OneWorld Sapphire status.

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All of the lounges in Terminal 3 are located on the right hand side of a long corridor once you enter Terminal 3. Just past the American Airlines Admirals Club is a sign showing the three lounges located in that area – which included the British Airways Galleries Lounge.


I quickly followed the signs and made my way down a long hallway.


The hallway was in pretty rough shape with nicks and marks everywhere and the entrance to the lounge looked less than inviting.


There was a lineup of people at the check-in desk when I arrived, though I was quickly admitted to the lounge. I made my way to the right which was the business class side of the lounge. Along the wall on the way back towards the main lounge area were some high back chairs with some cool lighted frosted glass dividers.


That are led out into a small dining area with a variety of seating. It was at this point that I realized just how packed this lounge was.


Across from the dining seating area was the buffet which offered a selection of hot and cold dishes including baked potatoes, pasta, chili salad and cold cuts.



There was also a small selection of soups and rolls.


While there were bigger bar areas that offered a selection of drinks and alcohol, the buffet offered a small selection of cold soft drinks, juices and waters.


Continuing past the buffet there was a large selection of newspapers, magazines and other reading materials.


Across from the reading materials was a small business center that offered computers, printers and even noise canceling headphones which is something I had never seen before in a lounge.


Past the business center was a good sized seating area that was absolutely packed.



The wall featured a nicely laid out bar that had walls of wine.



There was also a selection of chips, cookies and croissants.



Next to that was a coffee machine.


The last room in the back of the lounge was by far the brightest and featured a cool center bar.


The lights over the center bar really brightened up an otherwise dark lounge and were quite interesting design wise.


This back area of the lounge also featured a wide variety of seating options.



The side wall was a full self service bar that offered your usual alcohol, wine, champagne, soft drinks, water and juices.




I ended up grabbing a seat by the window and the lounge offered some great tarmac views.


The lounge was so packed that the wifi was not usable and the number of people in the lounge made it quite warm in there. I was also pretty disappointed at the lack of international style power ports and the lack of power ports in general. Since the lounge was packed and I wanted to review a few of the other lounges I grabbed a water and then headed out to check out the No. 1 Lounge upstairs hoping that it was less busy.

Final Thoughts

I thought this lounge was quite stylish, though it was absolutely packed and pretty warm (though I think that was partially due to being packed) during my brief stay. The food and drinks selection was pretty varied for a lounge, though I would say the quality was about average for lounges (that is to say edible, but not incredible). Since I much prefer emptier lounges, I would absolutely recommend the American Airlines Admirals Club in Terminal 3 over the British Airways Galleries lounge. And no, I am not kidding about that recommendation and that is not a typo!

What is your favorite lounge at London-Heathrow (LHR)?

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