Review – Austrian Airlines Lounge – VIE

After about an hour in the Sky Lounge, I decided to head next door to check out the Austrian Airlines lounge. Since Vienna (VIE) is Austrian Airlines’ hub airport, I had figured this lounge would be the best of them all – and that was definitely the case.

The Schengen side of Vienna Airport offers only one Austrian Airlines lounge. Although this lounge is only accessible to those flying on a business class ticket and Star Alliance Gold, HON Circle or Senator members, you can purchase access to this lounge for the day for 35 Euro. Unless you have a very long layover and really need a lounge to spend that time in, I do not think I would spend the 35 Euro for a day pass. Thankfully, my admission was complimentary as I was traveling on an Austrian Airlines business class ticket.

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The entrance for the Austrian Airlines lounge was right across from the entrance to the Sky Lounge, so it was a very short walk over to the lounge.


After presenting my boarding pass, I was welcomed and directed to the right, which was the lounge for business class passengers. Upon walking in, there was a small conference room that was available for use.


Once you passed the conference room, you walked into a very large lounge. To the right was a variety of seating options that overlooked an awesome picture of the alps.



They even had a mountain couch, which although rather uncomfortable, was pretty awesome given the background scenery.


There was also a small seating area that had chairs with footrests and a television on the wall with the news on.



Just past the television area was the quiet/relaxation room that had curtains to block out the outside distractions, as well as black leather lounger style chairs.


Across from the relaxation room was a small workstation type area.


On the opposite side of the workstation area were a few computers and a printer.


If you turned left when you entered the lounge, you would hit the buffet area which also featured some hightop chairs sporting Austrian Airlines’ signature red color.


The buffet had your usual assortment of coffee and tea options.



There was also a giant cooler filled with everything from water to soft drinks and beer.



Across from the cooler was a selection of snack like chips, pretzels, peanuts and cookies, as well as a small selection of whole fruit.



There was also a few juice options.


Lastly, there was a selection of self-serve liquor and wine.



Just past the first buffet area was the second buffet area which featured the hot dishes. The two buffet areas were divided by a rack offering a selection of international newspapers and magazines.


I think due to the time of my visit, there were not very many hot dishes on offer. There was a choice of two soups.


Along with a small salad selection and quinoa based dish.


As well as the traditional selection of breads.


They also had a small selection of cakes available.


I was not very hungry, so I simply grabbed a ginger ale and a few pretzel sticks to nosh on.


I am not entirely sure what made this ginger ale “American” style, but who am I to question the label?

Past the second buffet area was a large dining area with a variety of tables and chairs.


Along the back wall past the dining area was some booth like seating with small tables.


In front of those tables were a few small chairs that faced part of the tarmac.


While the tarmac views were not the best, it was still the only place in the lounge that offered a view outside at all, so I opted to spend some time in these seats taking in the view.


The lounge does offer shower facilities, though I never looked into them. They seemed to be pretty wide open the entire time I was in the lounge, but the lounge was also extremely empty during this time. The restrooms were pretty small as well with only one stall, though they were very clean.


Apparently I could not get away from random noises though as there was a weird crashing and then humming noise that kept randomly happening in the lounge. I asked someone who worked at the lounge what it was and she said she did not know, but it had been going on as long as she had worked there. I was pretty tired at that point, but could not get any sleep as the crashing noise kept waking me up. Anyone know what that was?

I ended up spending a few hours in the lounge alternating between reading and trying to sleep. Finally it was time to head towards the gate for my flight to Dusseldorf. When I left the lounge it had just started to fill up, so I would have to guess that the evening time is its most busy.

Final Thoughts

The Austrian Airlines lounge was definitely the best out of the three lounges as far as comfort and size were concerned. The food spread left a little to be desired, but I think that was largely due to the time that I was there. I really liked the giant picture of the alps on the wall and the “mountain couch,” though I do wish this lounge had better views of the tarmac. Overall though, it was not a bad way to spend a few hours prior to my flight to Dusseldorf.

What is your favorite lounge at Vienna (VIE)?

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