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I have to say, I really loved Lisbon. Which made needing to leave to catch a flight (or three in my case) back to the States. Since I had a very early morning flight, I called an Uber after checking out of the Intercontinental and headed towards the airport expecting an empty airport given the time of morning. I was very very wrong.

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I arrived at Lisbon Airport (LIS) a full two hours prior to scheduled my departure and ended up being incredibly happy that I did. The airport was absolutely packed and a complete mess with people sleeping everywhere around the check-in counters. I quickly made my way to the Iberia check-in counter where the economy class line was easily 200 people deep. Thankfully, I was traveling on a business class ticket (though my OneWorld Sapphire status would have allowed me to use the business class check-in lane regardless), so I made my way to the business class check-in lane where there was only one other person in line.

I wanted to take some pictures of the chaos, but there were numerous military members with machine guns walking the airport and surrounding the check-in counters and lines. I noticed a heavily armed military presence in the Lisbon city square the night before as well, so I would posit a guess that there was some perceived threat they were proactively monitoring for.

It is worth mentioning that Lisbon offers a priority “fast track” security line for business class passengers which was completely empty. The regular security line on the other hand was easily a hundred people deep.


I was through security in a matter of minutes and started to head for Iberia’s contract lounge. Iberia uses the Blue Lounge in Lisbon. As I was on a business class ticket, I had complimentary access to this lounge. However, after wandering around where I was told the lounge should be located, I was unable to find it. Since the Blue Lounge (wherever it actually was) appeared to be in the opposite direction of where my gate was, I opted to head back towards the food court in the center of the terminal and check out the ANA Lounge.

The ANA Lounge is a Priority Pass lounge, which I had access to thanks to my American Express Hilton HHonors Surpass card which comes with a complimentary Priority Pass membership. I was unable to find any information on whether you can buy a day pass to this lounge or not unfortunately.

After reaching the food court, I took the escalator up to the entrance of the lounge.


The entrance to the lounge was well lit and looks like it is used by many of the major airlines including United, American and Emirates.


I was quickly checked in and welcomed to the lounge. Upon entering, the first thing I noticed was that most of the lounge was pretty dark. I quickly realized that was because the center section of the lounge featured some projector style televisions above a large seating area.



I quickly dropped my bag at one of the seats by the window that offered some great tarmac views.


Upon entering the lounge, to the left was a small dining area that featured a few small dining tables and chairs.


The food spread was just coming out as it seemed like the lounge had just opened. On one side of the dining area was a large cooler with various juices, sodas, water, beer and wine.


There was a small selection of liquor available as well at a self-serve bar.


There was also a selection of red and white wine on offer.



Lastly, there was a coffee machine along with an assortment of teas.



The side of the buffet that offered drinks also had a small selection of pastries and fresh sandwiches. You could tell the sandwiches were fresh because the bread they were on was still warm!


The opposite side of the buffet featured a similar style spread and was divided by a small seating area and a magazine rack that offered a variety of reading options in various languages.



The buffet spread on the opposite side was much more focused on the food and had a large selection of fresh sandwiches.




There was also a small selection of fresh whole fruit and some pastries.



Lastly, there was a bowl of Ruffles potato chips.


The buffet on the opposite side offered a larger seating area along with another cooler stacked with beverages.



The main lounge featured a large variety of individual seating with European style outlets at each seat.


Along the back wall to the right was a small bar set up with various drinks and a coffee machine, as well as some small packaged snacks and fruit.


Along the far back wall there was also some individual relaxation rooms that appeared to be first come, first serve. With that said, they did not look especially comfortable, though the privacy was great compared to the rest of the lounge.


In the far rear corner were the restrooms which were clean, though looked and felt a bit dirty due to their off-white color scheme throughout.


As seems to be the norm in Europe, there was also a small smoking room just outside of the restrooms. This smoking room did not seem especially well sealed off like some of the other lounges I visited on this trip, but no one used it during my time in this lounge so I cannot comment as to whether the smell of smoke permeated the lounge at all.


Across from the smoking room was a small bank of HP computers that were available for use.


I grabbed a few cups of coffee and spent about an hour in the lounge catching up on e-mails. The wifi was great while I was in the lounge, though because it was so early, the lounge was pretty empty throughout. I tend to think that the speeds would stay consistently fast though even during peak times as I had zero issues.

What made this lounge even better in my opinion was the fact that they had music from the Rat Pack playing throughout my entire stay at the lounge. Being that I am an old soul and really like Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin, it was a great way to start the day out – a cup of coffee, some tarmac views and a little Fly Me To The Moon!

It is worth noting that there were no gate announcements at this lounge, so you’ll have to keep an eye on your flight time yourself.

After about an hour, I decided to head towards my gate to try to snap a few quick pictures of the Iberia A320 that would be taking me to Madrid (MAD).

Final Thoughts

For a Priority Pass lounge, I was actually pretty impressed with the size and chicness of the ANA Lounge. While the food spread was not decadent, the food quality was decent, the views of the tarmac were great and the seats were ample and comfortable. I would not necessarily go out of my to spend time in this lounge, but if you have time to kill at Lisbon Airport, the ANA Lounge is a great place to do so!

What is your favorite lounge at Lisbon Airport?

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