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My recent trip to China required that I obtain a Chinese visa for my stay in Chongqing. After researching my options for a visa service, I opted to go with Allied Passport & Visa – and boy was I happy that I did! If you need a visa or passport services, consider giving them a try.

Please note that I have no affiliation with Allied Passport & Visa, nor do I receive any commissions from them for reviewing or linking to their product. This is simply a company that I have used with great success that I wanted to pass along to my readers.

There are a glut of options out there for visa and passport services companies, so it can be a tough pool to wade through to filter out the best. Given that my Chinese visa required that my passport be physically present at the Chinese Embassy in Houston, I wanted to make sure that whichever company I decided to utilize was reputable. I cannot imagine anything worse than having another company lose my passport a few weeks before an international trip!

After a lot of searching and reading reviews, I came across Allied Passport & Visa.

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Although they are a relatively new company having only been formed in 2008, their reviews on various sites were excellent. The one thing that seemed clear from the reviews was that Allied kept you informed as to the status of your visa or passport every step of the way – something that was extremely important to me.

In reviewing Allied’s website, I found that the layout was extremely easy to follow as each country is listed by name and has a separate page which talks about the visa requirements for that country.

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Even better, Allied lays out for you item-by-item what you will need to obtain your country specific visa. Their requirements list also include links to download the official forms you will need to fill out and submit, which makes them a true one-stop shop for your visa needs!

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My Experience With Allied

Not wanting to give my passport up without at least speaking to someone on the phone to make sure they were legitimate, I called up Allied at 877-393-3745 and spoke with a customer service representative. The representative was extremely knowledgeable and answered all of my questions. He also put me at ease about sending out my passport to a company I had never done business with before.

Although this should go without saying, I am going to say it anyways – spend the extra few dollars to send your passport via FedEx or UPS with tracking and a signature required. The peace of mind this offers alone is worth the money! I sent my passport out on a Thursday and by Monday morning, I had received a confirmation of delivery e-mail from FedEx, as well as an e-mail from Allied letting me know that my order had been received.

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I was very happy to receive the e-mail from Allied as it just served to assure me that much more that I selected the right company for my visa needs. Since I live in Florida, my application for a Chinese Visa had to go through the Chinese Embassy in Houston rather than the Chinese Embassy up in Washington, D.C., where Allied is based out of. Since I had sent my passport and application to Allied’s Washington, D.C. office, it then had to be sent down to their contacts in Houston to get the visa issued. As a result, I was excepting it to take close to the full 12 business days to process.

Much to my surprise, a mere 3 business days later, I received an e-mail from Allied advising me that my passport was on the way back to me!

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Included in the e-mail was a link to the tracking information for my passport as well. Since my girlfriend needed a Chinese Visa as well, I sent in both of our passports at once. Even though Allied could have charged us for shipping on each passport individually, they put both passports in the same package and only charged us one shipping charge. It may seem like a small thing, but for Allied to do that without my asking really impressed me. I appreciate when a company recognizes a savings to the customer and is proactive about making sure the customer receives that.

Two days later, a mere week after I sent out my passport and paperwork, I had my passport back with the Chinese Visa in it. Overall, I cannot say enough good things about Allied. They were professional, prompt and extremely proficient in what they do. I would not hesitate to send them my passport again in the future for any and all of my visa needs.

So if you are in need of visa or passport services, give Allied Passport & Visa a try – you will not be disappointed!

Final Thoughts

As a lawyer who has to deal with problems on a daily basis, it is extremely nice to work with a company who not only makes the process as painless as possible, but that also goes out of their way to make sure you remain updated on the status of your order every step of the way. When I need a visa in the future, I will absolutely be utilizing Allied Passport & Visa for it!

Have any of you utilized Allied Passport & Visa for your passport and visa needs?

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