Lufthansa & SWISS Lost Out To The Flying Coffee House

I know what you are probably thinking right from the start of this post – what in the hell is he talking about? A few days ago, I posted up asking which you all would rather see reviewed – Lufthansa or SWISS. In the end I decided on neither as I found a pretty interesting routing that involves Austrian Airlines. The deal sealer was Austrian offering what they call the “Flying Coffee House.”

When I was scrounging around for routing ideas for a quick trip to Europe, I stumbled upon a routing via Vienna (VIE) on Austrian Airlines. Austrian just so happens to be one of the few major airlines that I have not had the opportunity to fly on – which made it extremely appealing to me!

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As I do with most routes I am looking at, I started to look into what Austrian offers that may set it apart from the likes of Lufthansa or SWISS which offered routings that got me to Dusseldorf (DUS) in a more timely fashion. What I found was that Austrian’s long haul flights are catered by high end caterer DO & CO and that Austrian actually has an on board “Flying Chef” that prepares the meals for you!

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As a former fat kid, this made Austrian seem like the no brainer choice for my routing. But then I read that Austrian also offers what they call their “Flying Coffee House” on long haul flights. Being someone who loves a good cup of coffee, the option to have a cup of coffee sourced from Julius Meinl, a Vienna based coffee roaster, rather than the usual mediocre coffee served on board was just too appealing to pass up!

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The Austrian coffee menu offers a selection of 10 different specialty coffees, each of which is made by the on board chef. I will of course be trying several, so stay tuned for the review!

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Final Thoughts

Although Lufthansa and SWISS both have fantastic reputations, I have to say that I am pretty excited to be trying out an airline that I have never flown before. I am a pretty big aviation nerd, so flying new airlines gets me pretty excited. When those new airlines offer a specialty coffee bar at 40,000 feet, I am downright giddy to try the product!

Has anyone sampled from the Flying Coffee Bar on Austrian Airlines? Thoughts?

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    1. Are you referring to Austrian Airlines? If so, yes, they generally do not release business class award space to partners until ~90 days out from departure. Austrian’s economy award space is available to partners as soon as their award inventory is loaded though.

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