JetBlue Mosaic Elites Can Now Upgrade To Even More Space Seats On Points

JetBlue has been making a lot of moves lately to position themselves as a premium carrier among the long cost carrier crowd – and they are doing a darn good job at it. While I do not think the Mosaic program is the most rewarding frequent flyer program, JetBlue has been working hard to improve what benefits are offered. A few weeks back JetBlue announced that Mosaic members would be receiving free alcoholic beverages when traveling on JetBlue flights starting sometime in 2016. Well now JetBlue has announced that Mosaic elites can upgrade to Even More Space seats using their TrueBlue points at discounted rates.

JetBlue Plane

JetBlue’s Even More Space seats offer more seat pitch than JetBlue’s core seats. Since JetBlue does not offer a business class cabin (JetBlue does offer their premium Mint cabin on certain routes) on all of their aircraft, the Even More Space seats are the closest you can get  to a business class seat on the non-Mint equipped aircraft. Traditionally, Even More Space seats were available for an additional cash charge which varied depending on the route. Now, JetBlue is allowing Mosaic members to use their TrueBlue points to purchase Even More Space seats at the following rates:

Cost For SeatTrueBlue Points Cost

To qualify for TrueBlue Mosaic status you need to either fly 30 segments plus earn 12,000 base flying points or earn 15,000 base flying points, both within a calendar year. JetBlue awards 3 base flying points per dollar spent (exclusive of taxes and fees), which means you could earn TrueBlue Mosaic status by flying 30 segments and spending $4,000 in base fares in calendar year. As soon as you qualify for Mosaic status, you are also awarded 15,000 bonus points just for qualifying.

Final Thoughts

While I have only ever flown JetBlue twice, I had a great experience both times and utilized their Even More Space seats. This is not an elite benefit which in and of itself would get me to switch my loyalty from American, but kudos to JetBlue for adding a feature that adds value to their elite program.

Will any of you Mosaic elites be taking advantage of this new opportunity?

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