Check Out Boeing’s New 737 Max & Might We See Lie Flat Seats On It?

Late last year, Boeing rolled out their first completed 737 Max 8 airliner at its assembly facility in Renton, Washington. The company’s next-generation single-aisle airliner is going head-to-head with Airbus’ A320Neo. Southwest will be Boeing’s launch customer for the 737 Max, which should be delivered sometime in early 2017. Interestingly, it appears that Boeing is offering a lie flat seat configuration for the narrow body aircraft. Might we see an airline order their 737 Max’s equipped with lie flat seats?

It is no secret that I am an aviation nerd. The 737 has been a staple of the aviation industry for years and has been the bestselling airliner in the history of commercial aviation with more than 13,000 aircraft sold since 1965.

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It is arguably Boeing’s bread-and-butter model and is especially important given Boeing’s lackluster sales of their new 747-8i’s.

Boeing has made significant changes to the 737 Max including redesigning the wing tips which Boeing claims reduce fuel consumption by 1.8% over the current generation 737s.

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The new 737 Max’s will also come with CFM International’s new fuel saving Leap 1B engines.

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Boeing also redesigned the fuselage to reduce weight and optimize aerodynamics of the plane.

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The result according to Boeing is the 737 Max is 20% more fuel efficient than the current generation 737 and is 8% less expensive per seat to operate than its rival, the Airbus A320Neo.

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Now, even more interesting to me is that Boeing is advertising a 737 Max equipped with what appears to be a fully lie flat seat.

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This appears to be a seat similar to what Delta offers on their 767-400s which I have previously reviewed. While it is not my favorite business class product, I think it offers a HUGE advancement over the standard recliner seats that I think most, if not all of the airlines that have placed orders for the 737 Max will select.

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Regardless, it is nice to see that Boeing has found a way to fit a far superior product into their 737 Max’s and I really hope that one of the airlines that have placed orders for a 737 Max equip it with the lie flat business class configuration.

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Boeing currently has orders f0r the 737 Max from over 35 airlines including Southwest, United, American, Ryanair, Icelandair, Copa, Ethiopian, Alaska, Air China, Air Canada and Aeromexico. Southwest will be the launch customer for the 737 Max here in the United States, which makes sense considering Southwest flies nothing but 737’s.

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Final Thoughts

I find it very interesting that Boeing is advertising what looks like a lie flat seat configuration for their narrow body aircraft. It appears that we may actually see a great domestic first class product once deliveries of the 737 Max’s begins sometime in 2017. I will certainly be following this closely to see if any of the airlines that have ordered 737 Max’s announce that they have ordered their Max’s with lie flat seats.

Have you heard any rumors about whether any airlines have ordered their 737 Max’s with lie flat seats?

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