Booking A Hilton/Holiday Inn/Candlewood Stay? Earn AAdvantage Miles For It!

These are kinds of offers I absolutely love – offers where you can double dip on points and miles earnings! Right now the AAdvantage shopping portal is offering 2-3 AAdvantage miles per dollar spent on Hilton, Holiday Inn, Holiday Inn Express and Candlewood Suites stays!

While ordering something online earlier today, I happened to run through the full list of offers available right now through the AAdvantage shopping portal. To my surprise, I actually found several hotel chains listed! Those include Hampton Inn, Hilton, Homewood Suites, Hilton Garden Inn, Holiday Inn, Holiday Inn Express, Hotel Indigo and Candlewood Suites.

Hilton 1

 Marriott 1

As you can see, you will earn anywhere from 2 to 3 AAdvantage miles per dollar spent at these properties when booked through the portal. That means that for a stay costing $300, you will earn anywhere from 600 to 900 AAdvantage miles in addition to the hotel points you will earn through the stay! Obviously 600-900 AAdvantage miles is not enough to get you anywhere, but if you are making paid hotel stays with any regularity, this offer can stack up AAdvantage miles for you fast. Even if you do not stay at hotels on paid stays with any regularity, this is a good way to add a few extra AAdvantage miles to your account to extend their expiration date if nothing else.

This is a great example of a situation where it really pays to check the airline shopping portals every few weeks just to see what new offers have come up!

Final Thoughts

It is no secret that I am a pretty big fan of double dipping on points whenever possible, so these are the kinds of offers I really love. I tend to stay a lot at Hilton properties too, so to be able to continue to rack up the AAdvantage miles simply for booking through the AAdvantage shopping portal is a no brainer for me (and should be for you as well!). These are the kinds of offers that really help pad your points balances, so always remember to check!

Will any of you be taking advantage of this offer?

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