Bank Of America May Be Limiting Alaska Cards To 1 Every 90 Days?

Per a recent report on Reddit, it appears that Bank of America may have taken steps to limit the number of Alaska Airlines credit cards you can get to 1 every 90 days.

As I previously wrote about, Bank of America recently increased the bonus on the co-branded Alaska Airlines credit cards from 25,000 miles to 30,000 miles.

AS 1

Traditionally, you could apply for and get approved for at least 2 cards at a time. It appears, however, that this may no longer be the case. Per a report from Reddit u/Im_new_to_churning who applied for 2 cards at once today, after he was approved for one card, he was informed by the Bank of America customer service representative that his second application:

was declined for more than one app in 90 days. He said it was a new policy in place as of this month saying they were flooded with apps for the Alaska Airlines card. They were cutting down on the amount of bonuses they were giving out according to this CSR.

While I really do not like this development, it would make sense that Bank of America would be cutting down on how lenient they have been in the past on approving multiple cards at once.

Given the recent devaluation of the AAdvantage program (which has driven a lot of flyers to credit their American and Delta flights to Alaska Airlines instead) and the increase in the signup bonus, I would imagine that Bank of America has been flooded with credit card applications for the card. If that is the case, I would expect this new policy to be in effect long term.

There is no information if this applies to all Bank of America co-branded cards, though I would guess that it is just limited to the Alaska Airlines co-branded cards at this time. Unfortunately, only time will tell how far out this will go.

UPDATE: There are some reports of individuals who recently were able to secure 2 cards at one time, as well as additional reports of people being denied their second card for the same reason (only 1 card every 90 days). At the moment, there does not appear to be a clear rhyme or reason to how this is being applied.

UPDATE 2: It appears from reports that those that are NOT being subjected to the 1 card every 90 days rule are those with a checking or savings account with Bank of America. It may be time to open a side checking account with BoA!

Final Thoughts

While this is only one data point on this particular issue, I would not be surprised in the least if Bank of America decided to crack down on multiple applications for the Alaska Airlines card. Traditionally, the Alaska Airlines card has been one of the hardest hit by churners and it was heavily abused early on when it was discovered you could be approved for multiple cards at once. While I am not convinced that this is an across the board change to all Bank of America co-branded cards, the eventually move to having this policy apply across the board would not surprise me one bit.

Has anyone else experienced this issue?

Credit for the find: Reddit u/Im_new_to_churning

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