American Express Adds Etihad As Transfer Partner & 30% Bonus!

Great news! American Express has added Etihad as a transfer partner for their Membership Rewards points! And if you transfer you Membership Rewards points by June 15, 2016, you will receive a 30% bonus!

I am always happy to report on thing like this because it really does open up award travel options for everyone. American Express has just added Etihad as a transfer partner for your Membership Rewards points!

Etihad 1

The standard transfer ratio will be set at 1:1, but through June 15, 2016, Amex is offering a 30% bonus on transferred points.

Etihad 3

This means that your effective transfer ration is 1:1.3, which is pretty solid value considering some of the Eithad award chart sweet spots.

Etihad 2

Some of the sweet spots in the Eithad award charts include:

  • Redeeming for flights on Brussels Airlines from Brussels to JFK @ 21,972 in Coach and 36,620 in Business
  • Redeeming for flights on American Airlines under the old American Airlines award chart
  • Redeeming for Etihad’s Apartment from Abu Dhabi to JFK @ 117,000

Although there are definitely some sweet spots in the partner award charts, it is worth noting that there are a lot of reports out there of people having a fair amount of issues with actually getting these redemptions ticketed by Etihad. From the reports I have read, it appears that the Etihad CSRs are not the greatest, so make sure you do your research before transferring!

Final Thoughts

It is always great news when there is a new transfer partner for any of the transferable currencies – and the addition of Eithad by American Express is certainly no exception to this. There are even a few pretty great sweet spots in Etihad’s award chart to take advantage of, so factoring in the 30% transfer bonus, this is definitely a great offer!

Will you be transferring any Membership Rewards points to Eithad?

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