25% Bonus On ThankYou Points Transferred To Virgin Atlantic

Until April 6, 2016, Citi is offering a 25% bonus on ThankYou Points transferred to Virgin Atlantic. So, is this a good deal worth taking advantage of?

For a limited time, Citi will give you a 25% bonus on your ThankYou Points transferred to Virgin Atlantic.

Citi Offer 1

Normally you TYPs will transfer to Virgin Atlantic at a 1:1 ratio. With this bonus offer though the transfer ratio increases to 1:1.25. So, is this a good deal that you should be taking advantage of? In a word – no.

Let me explain why I think this is such a horrible offer. Virgin Atlantic also uses a distance based award chart so your home airport is going to largely dictate your redemption costs. Virgin Atlantic’s destinations from the U.S. are pretty limited – London (LHR), Manchester (MAN), Frankfurt (FRA) and Milan (MXP) are the only destinations that come to mind. But that is not the worst part. The worst part is the taxes and carrier imposed fees that Virgin Atlantic tacks on to their award tickets which are outrageously high.

Let me give you an example. Say you want to fly from New York (JFK) to London (LHR). A roundtrip award ticket will cost you 35k miles + ~$500 in taxes and fees for coach, 55k miles + ~$810 in taxes and fees for premium economy and 80k miles + ~$1,300 (!!) in taxes and fees for upper class (business class).

VA 2

Although the mileage redemption rates (ignoring the outrageous taxes and fees) are actually not horrible, the astronomical taxes and fees make Virgin Atlantic a horrible option for award travel – especially if you are looking to travel in a premium cabin. I honestly do not know how Virgin Atlantic can evenĀ  justify taxes and fees like this for a relatively short flight like New York to London!

Final Thoughts

The outrageous taxes and fees that Virgin Atlantic tacks onto their award tickets really makes this a losing proposition. I cannot think of a single redemption where this would be a worthwhile transfer, can you? While I appreciate that Citi is trying to up their game and provide transfer bonuses, it would be nice if the transfer bonuses were actually useful for something worthwhile. Another swing and a miss Citi!

Will any of you actually be taking advantage of this offer?

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