Review – Iberia Sala VIP Velazquez Lounge – MAD

I was connecting in Madrid (MAD) on to a British Airways 767 flight to London-Heathrow (LHR) and had a little under 2 hours to kill before catching my next flight. As British Airways does not[…]

Delta To Add Lie Flat Equipped Aircraft To LA-DC Route!

While we always see a lot of lie-flat equipped aircraft operating the highly competitive New York to Los Angeles/San Francisco routes, we have not seen very much in the way of competition for other coast-to-coast[…]

E-Mail Notifications Back Up And Here’s What You Missed!

As I mentioned a few weeks back, and as you are probably aware, we have been having some technical issues with getting e-mail notifications of new posts to go out. Thankfully, those notifications should be[…]

Review – Iberia A320 Business Class – LIS-MAD

After spending about an hour in the ANA Lounge, I decided to head down to the gate a bit early to see if I could snap some pictures of the A320 that would be taking[…]

Review – ANA Lounge – LIS

I have to say, I really loved Lisbon. Which made needing to leave to catch a flight (or three in my case) back to the States. Since I had a very early morning flight, I[…]