Review – Cathay Pacific The Bridge Lounge – HKG

After the disappointing Dragon Air G16 Lounge, the HKG lounge extravaganza continued with aptly named The Bridge Lounge. Thankfully, The Bridge is run by Cathay Pacific and holds up Cathay Pacific’s reputation for offering both[…]

Having Trouble Calling The Airline? Try Tweeting!

If you travel enough, you will inevitably run into a situation where you need to call the airline to get something done. As anyone who has called an airline recently will tell you, your chances[…]

Review – Dragon Air G16 Lounge – HKG

Hong Kong International Airport is an airport that is rich in lounge options, including my personal favorite, The Pier First Class lounge. I had about 4 hours to kill before my flight to Taipei, so[…]

Review – Cathay Pacific 777-300ER Business Class – JFK-HKG

After a few hours in the British Airways Galleries Lounge, I made the quick walk to the gate to board my flight for Hong Kong. Cathay Pacific is pretty consistent with their premium cabin products,[…]

Selecting The Best Seats On American’s 767’s

As with any aircraft, there are always going to be some seats that are better than others – even if they are in the same cabin. Here is my guide for selecting the best seats[…]

Review – British Airways Galleries Lounge – JFK

After a fairly quick flight from Miami, I arrived at Terminal 8 at JFK. Since my next flight was on Cathay Pacific later that afternoon, I had to transition over to Terminal 7. After a[…]